E-cigarettes Queensland
E-cigarette starter kits are now available!
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Buy e-cigarettes delivered to Queensland.

If you're a Queensland resident, you can now have all your vaping gear such as vaporizers, e-cigarettte kits, e-cigarette refills and e-liquid delivered to your door. Make the switch to electronic cigarettes today!

Are you sick of smelling like an ashtray? Sick of messy cigarette butts all over the place? Maybe it's time to switch to electronic cigarettes. E-cigarettes do not create any ash, tar, or smoke - and are a much cleaner way to "smoke". E-cigarettes (and vaporizers) are available in a variety of nicotine levels, so you can still get the same nicotine hit with e-cigarettes as your getting with your favourite traditional cigarettes. If you want to cut down on nicotine, simply switch to a lower level nicotine refill - you can purchase refills all the way down to zero nicotine.

What is the best way to get started?

You can either go with an e-cigarette (shaped like a cigarette) or a personal vaporizer. If you've never tried vaping before, and want something that physically resembles a traditional cigarette, then we suggest starting with an E-cigarette Starter Kit. These kits include everything you need in one box - charger, refills and batteries. You can even choose from Tobacco, Menthol, or Coffee flavours - or buy refills in various flavours if you want to try them all. All e-cigarette and vaping products are available for fast delivery anywhere in Queensland.

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