Buy nicotine e-cigarettes in Queensland.

Buying nicotine e-cigarettes in Queensland is easier than you think. You can't legally buy them in a store, but you have them delivered to you anywhere in QLD in around 10 days. If you want to make the switch from smoking to e-cigarettes, it pays to spend a little extra on a premium product. Even top shelf e-cigarettes are still cheaper than buying smokes!

Please don't be tempted to buy a no-name piece of junk from China - many of these unbranded products are absolutely useless, have weak batteries, and are made from low grade plastics. If you want to make the switch, we suggest buying a brand name starter kit that comes with real Australian customer support, and a warranty.

E-cigarettes starter kits include everything you need, and are available in several flavours. Refills are available in various nicotine strengths, up to 24mg.